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Written by Heather Norris

Go Public

In 2013, the Toronto Region Board of Trade estimated the city's average commute time to be 66 minutes, the second longest in North America. Don't add to the problem. Just ditch your car and try one of these five modes of public transit.


BIXI Toronto boasts 1,000 bikes in 80 locations around the city. A printable map with station locations is available on the BIXI website, along with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Price: $5 for 24 hours or $12 for 72 hours. The base fees are for access only. Trips longer than 30 minutes incur additional charges. BIXI places a hold on your card for $250 for 10 days, so users with debit card limits below that amount should stay clear. No cash.


The Toronto Transit Commission offers more than 140 bus routes, including 24 all-night routes and 13 that go outside the city. Most buses run daily from 6 a.m. (9 a.m. on Sundays) to 1 a.m. and have bike racks.

Price: $10.75 for the TTC’s unlimited day pass. You can purchase one to use any day of the week or a group pass for the same rate that is valid only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Applies to subway and streetcars as well.


On a typical weekday, the city’s subway system sees more than 1.3 million customer trips. So if crowds aren’t your thing, avoid taking the train during rush hour. Most routes run every few minutes from 6 a.m. (9 a.m. on Sundays) to 1:30 a.m. Apps are available for iOS and Android.

Price: $10.75 for the TTC’s unlimited day pass.


Streetcars may sound like an attractive option, but routes run along surface streets, so heavy congestion can affect them. If traffic is moving slowly, taking a streetcar won’t do you any good. Depending on the distance you plan to travel, you’ll be better off just walking.

Price: $10.75 for the TTC’s unlimited day pass.


Downtown Toronto is crawling with cabs, so the wait is never long. But that convenience is costly.

Price: $4.25 starting meter rate. By comparison, cities like New York or Los Angeles start at $3 or less.