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Written by Courtney Haupt

That’s a Wrapp

Improve your reel with these 6 free must-have, video-editing apps.

There are more than 5.6 million videos on YouTube tagged “parkour.” With just a smartphone and a reliable wireless connection, you can add your own moves to the Internet’s screening room. “Beginning filmmakers simply need a timeline to store their clips onto, and an audio import system to lay tracks over the top because all good footage needs music to complement it,” says John Hounsell, a YouTube veteran with more than 60 parkour videos uploaded to his profile. Whether you’ve been producing videos for years or are storyboarding your very first project, these six apps could help you create your next most-viewed masterpiece.


1. SloPro

Platform: iOS.

Upgrade: For $3.99, Pro Upgrade removes the company watermark and allows you to email your videos.

What it does: Turns any clip into slow-motion footage.

Pros: You can turn the slow motion on while you shoot or add it later. You can also use it to speed up video.

Cons: Requires iOS 5 or later, and you must choose from preset speeds.

Verdict: Works best with short videos.


2. YouTube Capture

Platform: iOS.

Upgrade: None.

What it does: Uploads your content to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ simultaneously.

Pros: Easy to use. Quickly upload existing video, or shoot and post new clips. Control sharing functions right from your phone.

Cons: Only basic editing options.

Verdict: Does what it’s supposed to, but not much more.


3. Magisto

Platform: Android and iOS.

Upgrade: None.

What it does: Automatically edits videos by choosing the most interesting content.

Pros: The app does everything from trimming clips to removing excess noise for you, so it’s perfect for novice video creators. Just select the video clips and photos you want, and pick a song from your library.

Cons: Offers little control. Process time lags.

Verdict: Great starter tool for new video producers.


4. VidTrim

Platform: Android.

Upgrade: Pay $2.84 to use the frame-grabbing feature and lose the watermark.

What it does: Trims clips, converts audio to MP3, and makes sharing easy. Comes with effects and frame-grabbing tools, but they’re watermarked.

Pros: You can trim clips from the beginning or the end, and change the video’s resolution to make it faster to upload the clip to social networking sites.

Cons: You can’t make videos using multiple clips.

Verdict: VidTrim works best for those who possess a good camera on their phone and just want to trim their videos before posting them on YouTube.


5. Viddy

Platform: iOS and Android.

Upgrade: None.

What it does: Touted as the “Instagram for video,” Viddy allows you to edit and share short video clips with followers.

Pros: Add special effects and a soundtrack, or speed up your video with a user-friendly interface.

Cons: Videos must be 30 seconds or less.

Verdict: Best for creating and sharing videos of individual moves.


6. Ustream

Platform: iOS and Android.

Upgrade: None.

What it does: Streams live video right from your phone.

Pros: Videos streamed in high definition. Works with Twitter to let your audience know you’re streaming.

Cons: Requires a Wi-Fi or 3G Internet connection.

Verdict: If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for you.